Kind Makeup With Alicia Silverstone

Recently, I was lucky enough to be asked to do makeup for actress/author extraordinaire, Alicia Silverstone, not once but twice, for the Seed Food And Wine Festival, A plant-based festival, that took place in Miami Florida. Most of us remember Alicia as the inimitable Cher Horowitz in the 1990’s hit movie “Clueless.” (just an FYI, did you know that Clueless was based on Jane Austen’s classic novel “Emma” ?)

Besides her notable acting career Alicia has become something of an eco pioneer. She released her first book “The Kind Diet” in 2009 that encourages you the reader to adapt a more healthy plant based lifestyle. She backs up her message with her own experience as well as scientific facts. Go Alicia!

More Recently Alicia published her second book, “The Kind Mama”. In this book Alicia takes us on a journey through the early stages of childhood, drawing from her own experiences during first six months of her son, Bear Blue’s life and the healthful vegan choices she made. To quote this far from clueless author. her book is “A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning”.
If you want to learn more about Alicia Silverstone, have a little help committing to a healthy veggie life path or purchase her books check out A community based around Alicia and the great info she advocates.

Also being a natural mama and making many of the same lifestyle choices on my path of mommyhood, I was thrilled to be her eco makeup artist! Without further ado, This is what I used:


*Just to mix it up a little I’m going to start with her evening look first, as it was my first session with her. (photo credit: me)

1- W3ll People Narcissist Stick in #3 where needed & a touch of #4

2- W3ll People Altruist #15 Mineral Powder, lightly dusted/ Bio Brightener Powder to finish

3- A shpritz or two of Inner Peace from Lotus Wei (one for me too!)

4- W3ll People Universalist #7 for apples of cheek & Bio Brightener Stick to highlight and brighten

IMG_4087 5- Lips: W3ll People Nudist #8 mixed w/ a hint of Ilia’s Neon Angel

6- Eye shadows: W3ll People Elitist #824 & #814 (lids), Capitalist 911 for brows
7- Antonym Ecocert Eye Pencil in Noir in the waterline of the top and bottom of the eye, blended with W3ll #824 (a khaki green/gold)

8 – W3ll People Bio Extreme Mascara in Black for amazing long lashes.

…And there you have it, a sophisticated smokey eye with a muted hot pink lip and flawless skin. She looked beautiful and glamorous and I think she felt beautiful from the inside out and that’s more important.

Okay next… Here is Alicia’s daytime look.

IMG_4004  IMG_4005

I used some of the same products including W3ll People’s foundation stick, Altruist Mineral powder & Bio Brightener.

To achieve this healthy bronzed look I added W3ll people Bio Bronzer to the lower cheeks, this way it not only bronzes but adds a soft contour too. What was left on the brush was swept over temples, forehead nose and chin. A very light dusting was then swept over the throat area to keep her sunny look uniform.
On her cheeks I dabbed a touch of W3ll People’s Universalist #1 (a soft luminous pink) and blended into the apples for a touch of color and glow.
For her eyes (the window to the soul) I went back to my trusty universalist #1, dabbed a hint on the lid as a base and then dipped back in the Bio Bronzer over lid and outer crease & blended well to contour subtly. W3ll People’s Bio Brightener Stick was then applied with a brush and blended with soft taps of my finger to her brow bone, the inner corners of the eye, next to her nose and as a “c” at the outer corners of her eye and above her cheek bone to highlight, brighten and give a finished look. W3ll People’s Hypnotist Pencil was used to define her eye mixed with a drop of Elitist # 827, finishing with W3ll People’s gorgeous new Bio Extreme Mascara. On her lips she she wore the saucy but sedate Nobody’s Baby by Ilia Beauty and W3ll’s Bio Extreme Lip Gloss in Grapefruit. After makeup was finished and Alicia went off to her speaking engagement, I went exploring the festival with my guy and had really fun and informative time….Oh and I got to hear Alicia’s speak too! Sometimes life is kind!

All of the products used are natural and/or organic and healthy. They are available at where I only sell products I use personally, recommend and love. (Photo credits for this look go to photographer, Guiri Reyes)

About The Author:

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