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Marcie Lakin

Bio:  Marcie Lakin is an eco makeup artist, mom and good hearted rebel and proprietor at [www.peacelovemakeup.com] She is available for editorial, music videos, fashion shows, commercials, catalogue, weddings, private consultations, makeup lessons and special events. She is also known  for her "Healthy Makeup Makeover ", a combination lesson and detoxification of your makeup routine. Marcie loves to write and is available for interviews and articles.   Her experience as a freelance makeup artist spans across many years in both New York and Miami. Marcie uses the highest quality, pure, organic and all natural healthy cosmetics to create a flawless face. She is as superb at a creating beautiful, natural face as she is at designing an edgier more editorial look. It has been said that she does amazing skin and has a strong creative vision. Feel free to contact Marcie at [marcie@peacelovemakeup.com]  [marcie@peacelovemakeup.com]  [http://instagram.com/peacelovemakeup] [www.peacelovemakeup.com] [www.facebook.com/peacelovemakeup] [www.twitter.com/peacelovemakeup]        [www.facebook.com/ecomakeupartist] [http://ecomakeupartist.tumblr.com] [www.twitter.com/ecomakeupartist]                                                                       

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